• My Gear
  • I’ve been playing guitar since I was 18.
  • I’m self taught and up until now have never taken lessons or have been shown anything in person.
  • I basically memorize tablature.
  • I’ve gotten pretty good at being able to play whatever I hear.
  • Since I never had lessons, I don’t know my scales, so playing anything original or improvising any sort of lead just isn’t happening.
  • I don’t stray from the tablature.
  • I don’t sing.
  • I normally just play the coolparts of songs that make me happy.
  • I have never played with any other human.
  • For the reasons above, I don’t really know any full songs.
  • If I ever did play with others, my timing would be way off, I’d forget where I was and would probably just suck pretty bad. I’m used to playing over the existing guitarist, not being the guitarist.
  • I’d say it’s about time I left the nest, learned to fly with others and learned my friggin’ guitar scales.


Here’s what I recorded:

Pink Floyd – The Wall (Part 2) (3:24) (4.93mb) No Vocals Yet
This is a cover of Pink Floyd from their album The Wall
This was recorded December 2004.

So Far Away (3:58) (5.46mb) No Vocals Yet
This is a cover of Staind from their album 14 Shades Of Grey
This was recorded late 2003.

Tears In The Rain (1:24) (1.93mb)
Originally done by Joe Satriani from his album Extremist.
Recorded early ’99.

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) – Me, Rob, Sara, Diana, Brendan, Angel, Sue (2:36) (2.44mb)
A cover originally done by Greenday from their album Nimrod. This was recorded in my room May ’99.
Friends singing are Rob, Angel, Sue, Sara, Yankee, Diana and me playing guitar with a midi orchestra in the background. It turned out well. (We were all liquored up at the time !)

Another Lonely Day (Ben Harper) – Me and Rob (3:42) (3.48mb)
This is a Ben Harper cover tune from his album Fight For Your Mind. It was recorded in my room on campus March ’99. I played guitar while Rob Geddes sang.
You’ll notice we did a few takes that night. At the beginning you hear me saying: “This is the last time for sure – Goddamn!”

Winter Solstice (2:47) (3.84mb)
Originally done by Tea Party from their album Splendor Solis.
This was my second attempt at recording, summer of ’98.

LandSlide (Fleetwood Mac) (2:52) (2.69mb) No Vocals Yet
This is a cover originally done by Fleetwood Mac from their album Fleetwood Mac (1975). This was recorded late ’98 in my room on campus.
It distorts a little at one point, I guess then I didn’t know how to work the microphone.
It needs a voice, if you can sing let me know.

Un Cuervo En La Tormenta (4:34) (5.23mb)
This was my first original song recorded mid ’98. It was a dedication to my favorite movie at the time “The Crow”.
Voices in the background were samples from the movie. All guitars were done by me.
See the video for this song in the Videos section.

Dee (Randy Rhoads) (0:49) (1.12mb)
This was my first attempt at recording in ’98
This was originally done by Randy Rhoads, on Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard Of Oz.