Audio Jacks

How to Install Home Audio Jacks

I wanted to get rid of the speaker wire from the (2) rear and (2) front speakers running from the sides of the room to the front TV location. For my situation since the room was already built, I wanted to run the cables behind my existing baseboards along the edge of the room.

Rip up your baseboards exposing the drywall.

You can cut a groove in the drywall to fit the wire. I was lucky because the hardwood was installed after the baseboards were there so when they were removed there was a 1 inch gap existed.

Measure where to drill your hole.

Look for studs to drill next to. You will want to screw your wall plate casing into one side of an available stud.

Also, make this the same height as the rest of your outlets in the room.

Drill a hole to start – or 6 if you’re like me.

Use a utility knife to cut out a hole the size of your metal casing.

Make sure your hole is just big enough to allow the metal casing to fit.

Drill a hole near the bottom where your wire can go up from the floor into and up the wall.

Use a metal wire (straightened coat hanger) and poke from the larger hole down through to the floor hole.

Tape the wire to the poker and pull the poker and wire up through.

Pull the loose wire through the metal support casing and secure with bracket if available.

Tap the metal box into the hole in the wall and screw to the side of a support stud.

Attach the audio jacks to the wires.

Screw on the wall plate cover.

Replace the baseboards and you’re finished – no more wires.