A Sawyer’s Saw Bench

Dewalt ToughSystem Garage Racking System

Festool OF 1400 Router Circle Jig using Guide Stop modification

Counter Thieving (Feb 9, 2006) (0:47)
Surveillance of Abby stealing foor off the kitchen counter.
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Dino Bone (Aug 26, 2006) (4:45)
The biggest bone I ever saw, so I got it for my dog.
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Canada Day Party (July 01, 2006) (0:09)
I thought his camera wouldn’t work…
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Beam Me In Car (Camcorder Adventures Feb 17, 2004) (0:36)
This makes me laugh every time – I transport into my car and speed away. I’m perfectly aware that I am an odd ball, but at least I’m not boring : )
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Snowboarding (Edelweiss Jan 27, 2004) (05:30)
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Edmonton Mall – Ice Rink (Aug 10, 2003) (00:13)
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Un Cuervo En La tormenta (04:35)
This was the first song I ever wrote. The title is called “Un Cuervo En La Tormenta” which is Spanish for “A Crow in a Storm”.
I played all guitars (about 6 of them), all overlapping each other to make a heavy full sound. The sound clips were taken from the film “The Crow”. The storm sound in the background was taken from a Dan Gibson’s Solitudes Nature Sound Collection cd.
This is more of a dedication to Brandon Lee than to the movie itself. After the song was recorded, the video came about. The scenes in the movie were matched up exactly to the sound clips recorded for the original song.
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Edmonton Mall – Water Park (Slides are at the beginning on the left) (Aug 10, 2003) (00:19)
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Edmonton Cowboys (There were only three sightings, here are two) (Aug 10, 2003) (00:14)
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Me being rude to myself (00:10)
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RipRide – Wakefield Quebec (12:48)
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