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  • Wishlist page added

    Posted By on October 18, 2004

    As the holidays approach I’m announcing the release of my wishlist. Be kind.

    scoff.ca started

    Posted By on September 29, 2004

    Well I finally did it. I am now the proud owner of www.scoff.ca. I amtruly a god among men.

    Car stereo

    Posted By on August 11, 2004

    This is the begining of my new car stereo. It’s not like the ones all the cool kids have but it can still make the hair on your head vibrate and make you whine like a little baby. It has a customizable faceplate for animations.
    While we’re talking about animations, does anyone have a bouncing boobs video?

    Dr. Bob advice

    Posted By on May 20, 2004

    Here is a growing list of some advice I have collected when I was alive.

    Recipes section added

    Posted By on March 10, 2004

    Recently I wanted to make something somewhere but wasn’t home and the recipe was on my computer. Sooooo, I made all of my recipes accessible here. Feel free to snag something.

    Music: songs added

    Posted By on February 27, 2004

    Hmmm, my website was lacking a little soul, a little ‘old school’ to it. Have I forgotten my roots? I’ve added some old songs that were recorded with some great friends of mine back in university or ’99. It’s mostly drunken silliness but those were great times. Look for ‘Another Lonely Day’ – Ben Harper, and ‘Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)’ – GreenDay.

    Video: Beam me in car

    Posted By on February 17, 2004

    Another fine addition to my videos section. This one is called ‘Beam Me In Car’. Hahahaaa, I don’t mind laughing at my own jokes sometimes, this one definitely makes me permagrin : )

    Links section started

    Posted By on February 13, 2004

    I’ve added a Links section that I generated from my own Favorites from my pc. How you ask? Not by hand that’s for sure. I whipped up a program called Links Maker to do it for me. Check it out.

    Peeves list started

    Posted By on February 4, 2004

    I’ve started to make a list of a few pet peeves that have been on my mind for a while now. This list will grow over time as I see things happening around me. Enjoy.

    Video: Staind – So Far Away cover

    Posted By on January 30, 2004

    Videos have been recently been added in the videos section. More will follow as they are editted.
    Also, new music has been posted, including a cover tune by Staind – So Far Away (no vocals).